• DEFINE YOUR Character

    Character traits have been defined and refined since the beginning of time. How we use our character is deportment, etiquette and manners. This manner of interaction supports our understanding of one another. Deportment and manners are linked to character in a way that distinguishes and builds our charm and charisma.
  • What's your Culture?

    How you understand your own cultural position is directly correlated to the value you bring to life and an organisation you with. When you communicate your personal cultural context efficiently, you determine the rate that you grow.
  • Competence

    When you extend your skill set and begin to master tasks in your organisation and life, you develop competence. However, being competent is a double edged sword. Sometimes you'll use what you know extensively and develop frenemies fast. Other times you'll lag behind or get bored and resent your job. Finding the balance in your competencies are key to your behavioural characteristics.
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  • Cognitive
  • Behavioural
  • Physical
  • Emotional


There are two cultural cats that make up this section, the Snow Leopard and the Mountain Lion. They are the most enterprising of all the cats. These big culture cats are tribal and are best suited to a group or cause. Cognitive cats link best with the following persona's:

The Inspirer

Warm sociable people who are keenly in tune with other’s feeling & perspectives

The Champion

See the best in people and likely to bring out the best in people.

The Predictor

Have very high expectations for themselves and others.

The Idealist

Have Driven to meet other's needs, Strive for "win-win" situations.


There are two cultural cats that make up this section, the The Lion and the Leopard. They are the custodians of the cats. These big culture cats are materialistic and are best suited for roles with global focus. Behavioural cats link best with the following persona's:.

The Guardian

Enthusiastic people who are driven to fulfil their obligations and duties. They are committed to relationships which they consider to be lifelong & unalterable – Good in a tight spot

The Enabler

Warm hearted individuals who highly value their relationships. Customer focused with the ability to bring out the best of people.

The Investigator

Honour their commitments, Able to take constructive criticism well.

The Warrior

Warm, friendly and affirming by nature, Excellent organizational capabilities.


There are two cultural cats that make up this section, the The Lynx and the Tiger. They are the mastermind cats. These big culture cats are aggressive with instinctive survival skills and competencies. Physical cats link best with the following persona's:

The Influencer

They love action and always seem to be doing something. Clear-headed when dealing with emergencies. Enjoy lavishing loved ones with big gifts. good to have on your side, corporate suit

The Entertainer

Generous & will go out of their way to help a colleagues. Live for the moment & know how to make the most of each moment.

The Architect

Usually self-confident, are not threatened by conflict or criticism.

The Creative

Flexible and laid-back, usually willing to defer to their mates, Warm, friendly and affirming by nature.


There are two cultural cats that make up this section, the Panther and the Cheetah. They are the most motivational of all the cats. These big culture cats have wisdom and are best suited to functional or operations as they enjoy systems and process. Emotional cats link best with the following persona's:

The Boss

A selection of six, diverse preset style variations, with numerous available customization options.

The Igniter

Choose from eight compoundable module class suffixes to adjust title and/or full module styling.

The Strategist

An array of structural suffixes are available to individually adjust padding, margins and font formats.

The Developer

A diverse inventory of typography from Bootstrap as well as FontAwesome, to enrich content.

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    Master the steps to creating corporate culture

    Take the steps you need at your pace to craft the culture that you want to see in your environment. Our cultural blueprint is designed to help you custom build the elements you need for your business

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