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WotCulture is the work of African born Best Selling Author, Azhar Khan. He found there were charcteristics that the magnificent big cats displayed that had direct correlation to business people, managers and leaders conducted their everyday business life. The nature of these majestic animals and their instincts can be used to teach leaders how to be better at being productive.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to guide future business culture by empowering leaders to train and maintain productive personnel that align to the culture of their business


Culture, in all its dimensions, is a fundamental component of sustainable development. As a sector of activity, through tangible and intangible heritage, creative industries and various forms of artistic expressions, culture is a powerful contributor to economic development, social stability and environmental protection. As a repository of knowledge, meanings and values that permeate all aspects of our lives, culture also defines the way human beings live and interact both at local and global scales.

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What We Do

  • Organisational Behaviour +

    Development programs for understanding and managing cultural programs in the workplace
  • Self Development for Teams and Individuals +

    We help teams align to corporate and business culture in a fluid manner that increases productivity and builds strength in
  • Learning and Goals +

    We provide plans and goals amongst other management tools for helping leaders excel in their roles
  • Coaching and Mentoring +

    Align yourself to some of the best mentors and coaches in the industry.
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