Azhar Khan EMBA/MNLP

Khan is a serial techpreneur and developer with a diverse set of expertise ranging from creative design and solutions architecture to leadership development and mentoring in the fields of Information Technology, Social Networking, and Publishing. Khan is the co-founder of Sabistar Pty Ltd and where he supports people in identifying serve strategies to build long term and lasting corporate relationships. He has developed business leaders in Africa, Australia and Dubai by working with businesses to recruit talent based on culture.

Khan is Corporate MBA graduate from Bond University and Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neurological Re-patterning. He also is a writer and Best Selling Author of 2 books, “The Ultimate Guide to Success” and “In it to Win It” .

With over 25 years of experience in business, personal development and mentoring, Khan brings a wealth of practical knowledge to his coaching work.

Azhar lives on the Gold Coast of Australia with his partner and 2 cats, Donna Summer and Indyah. When not working, he likes to go to the gym and work out, read tech magazines and create digital art. His first collection appeared in the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe in 2001.