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Cub Edition is just the begining. Discover how your feline type can grow from cub to adult in record time.

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Building culture takes practice and craft. Shortcut your progress through our unique Masterclasses for leaders that are developing their own culture.

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Psychometric data can show you how to set goals and build new habits. Let our coaches guide you through your cultural journey.

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Catapult Studio

Our SPECIAL MASTERCLASS for leaders seeking deportment and civility training for high impact executives and senior leaders. This one class will change everything you've ever known about yourself.

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Cat Club

Join our Cat Club to discover how you can network with other cats. Includes exclusive templates to develop plans and new habits.

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Cat got your tounge? How we communicate with others has impact on our culture. Master the leadership principles for dynamic cultural presentations.

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Recruitment and Freelance Services

We get the old saying that finding the right people can be like herding cats. Culturally speaking you want to make sure you have the right cats for the right purpose. Our Recruitment team can help you find the right people and will even help you craft the project and role descriptions so you are not hiring a catastrophe!

  • Includes screening.
  • Head Hunting.
  • Onboarding Plans.
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Team Collaboration

If you already have a team thats falling apart and needs a way to come togther again then this service is for you We share with your team the best possible strategies for creating a harmony and match the right cats to the right roles!

  • Project Re-alignment.
  • Cross-Cultural Management.
  • Risk Assessment.
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Global Services

Building global teams takes strategy and knowledge. Our cross-cultural leadership track can help you get on track as an expat, or help if you are repatriating to your home country

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Leadership Cats

Imagine being a leader with charisma and charm that develops a culture in business that has global appeal. This leadership track will take your skills and sharpen them so that your authenticity shines through.

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24/7 Support

You can always find us ready to help in our support Cat Club. It's designed to keep you comfortable and secure as you open yourself up to communicate with others.

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Want to Work With Us?

We are always on the lookout for cats with different skills. If you would like to join our team and can dance better that a cat on a hot tin roof, then send us your CLiP and tell us why you're such a kewl cat!